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Surrette Battery - Janitor

A Janitor position at Surrette Battery is a full-time position. 

Primary duties for the Janitor include general cleaning of plant. The position scheduled hours would be afternoons & evenings post-production. Duties specific to this role include: Cleaning plant floors with vacuum and floor scrubber Cleaning plant equipment Waste removal

Springhill, Nova Scotia As with all front-line positions, the battery manufacturing facility is a fast-paced environment requiring manual dexterity, attention to detail and due caution and strong hand-eye coordination. These positions will involve repetitive tasks and require standing for extended periods. Although proper ventilation and climate control is in place, due to the nature of this type of manufacturing, the factory is prone to odours, dust and warm/cold temperatures. Proper safety gear is a requirement in most areas and must be worn at all times.

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